Wednesday, 8 December 2010


The Hot Cross Bullfrog

Affectionately named after, and in similar proportions, to the bakery snacks produced by the village markets at the bottom of the overgrown mountains, the Hot Cross Bullfrog is a carnivorous predator largely avoided by the rest of the mountain fauna.

Surpassing many of the other reptiles in its vicinity, the HCB has priority over its prey, and is thus able to maintain the high demands of its circulatory system. The bullfrog survives mostly in areas of magmatic rock.

The shell upon its back prevents the extreme temperatures from tearing the areas of flesh that are stretched over large skeletal or muscular frames. The shoulders of the bullfrog have evolved to develop partially exoskeletal plates, to prevent the vulnerable, thinner, and repeatedly stretched flesh of the muscular shoulders from being torn by the flammable molten compounds released through the creature’s warts.

The shell appears almost like a collection of small islands supported above a molten core, which refreshes the density of the shell, often impacted by larger, brave, and perhaps foolish predators. The bullfrog often resides underneath small flows of molten rock for a limited time, to refresh the deposits and temperature within the shell. This molten liquid is also supplied to the rear feet, sustained by a vascular system which is similar in composition to the thicker, leathery warts which also contain excess deposits of this highly flammable, corrosive liquid. The hands and rear feet of the reptile are home to small, jagged claws, and a fiery touch, respectively. This vascular system also runs from the tail, under the torso of the beast, supplying the mouth with a practical means of cooking and neutralizing poisonous prey, while allowing the beast to warm its young, supply their smaller systems and shells with ‘fuel’, and warn off other creatures.

The HCB is vulnerable at night, and likes to remain in difficult-to-reach areas of extreme temperature, to attempt to keep its bright features hidden in the darkness.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


I have now compiled all of the self portraits into one file.

A Year of Daily Self Portraits from Francis Kelleher on Vimeo.

"Hunt Out Your Artistic Weaknesses & Destroy Them!" - Lloyd Harvey

Sunday, 28 November 2010

[D] PotD 5

28th Nov

I think today's was the toughest yet, perhaps because I tried to use natural light. It gets darker so quickly these days, and I couldn't bare to just leave the painting at a state where it looked so unfinished. So, as well as some careful observation, some memory had to come into play. [Guilty!]
The shadow-side of the banana was so difficult to colour-pick for! You really have to trust your eyes. It can be tough creating the tonal difference in those areas that previously would have been considered 'subtle' - when you observe closely, the 'yellow' tone changes so frequently, and with it, the texture.

It's great to feel like I'm learning from these.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

[D] PotD 4

27th Nov

This one became tough, and I feel it needs a much better consideration of values and edges. Looking at it, I feel that some of the brush strokes were off-mark and it looks underdeveloped, and lacking in the real 'Wow! Detail'. I think I was aiming for a rough time limit to prevent me from going too far where I shouldn't have been focussing... and also to allow me to get on with everything else I want to do!

However, I shouldn't be allowing mistakes to remain if I can identify them. It's more important that I persist in fixing what is wrong, rather than diverting myself away or thinking it's just 'ok'!

[Digital] PotD 3

26th Nov

Some colour! Finally branching into some digital painting... I attempted to paint this with just a 'look at it and paint what you see' mentality, and found half way through that a carefully thought out 'process' would have really helped. Colour picking was pretty challenging, but that's why these studies are so valuable. I should probably make some swatches in future, as those vibrant, perhaps neon greens and yellows really don't have a place here.

My good friend Erik [] reminded me half way through of a process I had intended to study before, that looks like it could really help me in the future. Kudos :]

Thursday, 25 November 2010

[Acrylic] Paintings of the Day - 1 + 2

24th Nov + 25th Nov

I started the last couple of days with still life morning studies with black and white acrylic paint. I truly need painting practice. I'm still a beginner, and it's been too long since I last painted. I'm excited to get back into it - it's great fun to have a brush in my hand.

Coming away from the portraits and trying these felt new and refreshing. I love the multidisciplinary approach to the arts - I'm bringing new knowledge to my painting, and already learning things (among committing fields of errors and fudging around with brushes!) It is true - 'good drawing' is the basis of all things. I feel that some, if not all of the worth of these experiments is in the drawing behind them - getting that right first, trying to understand values and proportion, is crucial.

Hope to deliver more soon!
(Excuse a morbid-looking start :])

Monday, 22 November 2010

Happy Birthday My Face...

...I wished for better drawing skills.
A year of self-portraits from live reflections.
They are all uploaded over 3 pages to view here -

365 days of hair growth, different mediums, themes, good times, bad bad times, and a lot of learning. My desire and inspiration has been to improve, and has come from all sorts of sources and my friends and family who have encouraged me onwards.

It has indeed been a year of reflections, and I think I leave this exercise for now with an excitement to try other things. I do not stop doing these self portraits to stagnate, but to try and improve dramatically at more diverse themes. I need to pursue an unquantifiable list of art mediums, topics, work, studies... and I'm eager!

The drawing is about 'doing it'... and keeping on doing it... to keep enjoying it, keep challenging yourself, be realistic and aim for the best. And I've got to do more! Hopefully I'll return to self portraits now and again to test myself. I definately think my imagination needs a test and some room to breathe!

Kind regards all, watch [me fill] this space...

Saturday, 20 November 2010

First Term Update

Dia duit all!

I thought I would make a little update here with more recent works, to give an idea of what I'm up to in the first term of my Second Year. I'm still keeping my threads linked on the right updated too.

Life drawing, observational work and a couple of artist studies.

Kind regards folks,

Friday, 19 November 2010

Exchange Elation and Portfolio

Big news!

Earlier this term I applied for an Erasmus study exchange at the Parisian art school ESAG Penninghen, for January - March 2011. This past week I was informed that my application was successful and I rapidly accepted the offer. I am so excited about being in Paris, improving my drawing and painting, and taking advantage of everything the city has to offer (students)! Galleries, museums, life drawing, Parisian sketching, coffee, bread... s'all good. Now to look toward living arrangements and everything related...

My portfolio application consisted of a few animations and plenty of individual images. I decided to compile the pictures into a few multi-image panels, to give an idea and record of how my portfolio stood when I applied.

Bons moments!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Prátaí for the Public

Been trying some watercolour potatoes again... the previous one seemed quite successful. I'm not so sure about these, but I think there is some improvement. When I attempted to draw the tuber before painting it, my understanding was far better. Achieving weight and perspective is what is most difficult with these objects/colours/medium.


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Gallery Time!

Went back to Trafalgar Square - notably The National Gallery this time. I love these galleries! They will be sorely missed when I'm back at Uni.
Tried drawing a 'classic' from the comfort of a bench (cue crowds of guided tours to talk about malicious suffragette behaviour and more :/)

Also ventured into the crypt-like halls that make up ...Room A... open for 3.5 hours a week and full of old, fragile painting. Found a few that caught my eye.

It's that exciting time! - A new adventure:

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Face - Up to Date

My quest for completing a self portrait from a reflection everyday is ongoing. This update marks me finishing the upload of all of those ones which I had fallen behind on scanning. The thread is now back up to date. Here is the link, or it can be found in the column to the right -

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Back to Trafalgar

I returned to Trafalgar Square and the National Portrait Gallery to get another fix of László. I love this painter and feel that his work, as well as the quantity of it, is absolutely stunning. I'm hoping to continue my research on Philip Alexius de László and I would recommend the exhibit to anyone. It is due to close on Sept 5th 2010.

On a different note - Another figure I feel respect for is the Anime director Satoshi Kon. I loved all four of the films that I saw, which featured repeating themes or ideas throughout a diverse range of projects. He passed away at the young age of 46 on Tuesday earlier this week due to pancreatic cancer. I hope that his next film, The Dream Machine will be fully executed as he would have wished. Rest in peace, a terrible loss, he will be missed.

A poignant 'entry' -

Friday, 20 August 2010

Summer Sketchbook Samples

The Sir John Soane's Museum in London is a great resource for... everything? An old town house packed to the windows with sculpture/paintings/books/decorations/paraphernalia.

Sculpture drawing at the V&A - invaluable location.

Passengers on trains - common victims; pretty, but especially suspicious when sitting directly opposite...

The National Portrait Gallery - how I love London and it's free galleries. A new wonder is discovered each time I venture forth. The small exhibition of Philip de László's portrait paintings being the most recent find. A spectacular artist who's work I hope to find more of.

Summer Watercolour Painting Experiments

The pen and wash was satisfyingly effective in portraying the natural dirt on the spud :]


Here are a few of the animation exercises from my first year of Animation Production at AUCB:

Bouncing Football:

Sack Drop:

Sack Pantomime:

Flag Wave:

Walk with Attitude:


Animal Walk - Horse: