Thursday, 25 November 2010

[Acrylic] Paintings of the Day - 1 + 2

24th Nov + 25th Nov

I started the last couple of days with still life morning studies with black and white acrylic paint. I truly need painting practice. I'm still a beginner, and it's been too long since I last painted. I'm excited to get back into it - it's great fun to have a brush in my hand.

Coming away from the portraits and trying these felt new and refreshing. I love the multidisciplinary approach to the arts - I'm bringing new knowledge to my painting, and already learning things (among committing fields of errors and fudging around with brushes!) It is true - 'good drawing' is the basis of all things. I feel that some, if not all of the worth of these experiments is in the drawing behind them - getting that right first, trying to understand values and proportion, is crucial.

Hope to deliver more soon!
(Excuse a morbid-looking start :])

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