Monday, 22 November 2010

Happy Birthday My Face...

...I wished for better drawing skills.
A year of self-portraits from live reflections.
They are all uploaded over 3 pages to view here -

365 days of hair growth, different mediums, themes, good times, bad bad times, and a lot of learning. My desire and inspiration has been to improve, and has come from all sorts of sources and my friends and family who have encouraged me onwards.

It has indeed been a year of reflections, and I think I leave this exercise for now with an excitement to try other things. I do not stop doing these self portraits to stagnate, but to try and improve dramatically at more diverse themes. I need to pursue an unquantifiable list of art mediums, topics, work, studies... and I'm eager!

The drawing is about 'doing it'... and keeping on doing it... to keep enjoying it, keep challenging yourself, be realistic and aim for the best. And I've got to do more! Hopefully I'll return to self portraits now and again to test myself. I definately think my imagination needs a test and some room to breathe!

Kind regards all, watch [me fill] this space...

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