Sunday, 5 December 2010


I have now compiled all of the self portraits into one file.

A Year of Daily Self Portraits from Francis Kelleher on Vimeo.

"Hunt Out Your Artistic Weaknesses & Destroy Them!" - Lloyd Harvey


  1. That's ALOT of self portraits. Im not sure if they were in order but some were certainly better towards the end. Well done! Are you going to continue? I imagine you are in the habit now.

  2. Cheers Benjy. All were in order, so it's a comfort that you think that. I'm not continuing with that project atm. I thought a year was enough for now - although I would like to return to it in the future. For now, I'd like to leave time/room to try other things.

    Festive wishes and a Happy New Year mate, hope you're enjoying the break!

  3. Great to watch dude! Yep, the drawings closer to the end were a lot better and at a more consistent level. Getting better mate! You tried studying drawings from master drawings? I find that a great exercise and it stops you from repeating yourself since you will be informed of new shapes from observing how other artists work.

  4. Thank a lot Ben. I do study master drawings now and again - or brushstrokes, if from gallery paintings. It's good advice, especially for me to remember it with intent in future.