Monday, 16 May 2011

2nd Year Sign-Off

Now that the final hand-in deadlines have passed, officially, my work for my second year is complete. It's crazy how quickly the days seems to be passing, but it's a very exciting time looking forwards.

Here's a diverse post-hand-in update - a bundle of work from Paris; life drawings (5-15 mins), acrylics, gouache, watercolour, ink, conte and some studies from 'Figure Drawing - Design and Invention' - Michael Hampton.



  1. I really love the first two life drawings, some really nice markmaking! I envy your life drawing ventures in France (if that is where these were done?), seems like you learnt a lot! :) x

  2. Thanks a lot Kat.
    They were done in France, something you'll be aiming for?
    Yeah, we learnt through doing and trying new things - plenty of drawing experience, (although not enough!) Lots more of those precious miles, only to reveal how many more I need to cover... and that's with an excited, rather than a jaded intonation :]

  3. Haha, I had a similar realisation recently, it's scary once you realise how far you still have to go, but like you said, quite exciting! I recently looked back at my work from the beginning of the year, and seeing how far I've come already was a pretty good feeling :)
    As for France, I have no idea yet! I would definitely love to go on one of the exchanges, but I have no idea where yet! They all seem like such a good experience it will be hard to choose what's best for me. x