Thursday, 30 June 2011

Character Doodles

Wow, a month already :/

I will update more frequently now. Here's hoping the uploads spur me on!

As promised, dip pen sketches from that trip in Ireland a while ago; my Auntie and Uncle's pets, as a present to them:

And some characters I've drawn over the last few days. These are a big challenge, but it's where my studies should come into play and since it's part of what I want to do as a job, I've got a lot of junk to draw through till I get there.
They are very fun to do and a good chance to reflect:

There is a serious issue with hands and feet of course. Much more studying is needed in that department, and with their complexity, some daily studies could come in handy.
There is also a lack of knowledge in depicting light and certainly being able to render flesh. I hesitate, and need to take more chances to experiment.
I'm much happier with my construction of the figure but there is still some contour drawing going on and it spoils the balance and gesture.
A general lack of anatomical knowledge is slowing me down and the lower bodies of these characters are 'awkward'.
I need to be a bit more diverse and try more interesting and exciting posing to avoid a stale 3/4 view every time.

Also, wolves, animals, from imagination... what... -_-'

All the best!