Sunday, 13 November 2011

Belated Huiles

I wanted to post up something of my Summer work.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time studying at the wonderful Lavender Hill Studios. This was my first opportunity to try oil paint, and man, had I been missing out. As the studio professed, why anyone would be encouraged, or choose to start with a (frankly, more difficult) medium like acrylic or watercolour, over something like oil, when your intent is to capture tone/light and work in pure mass, is beyond me. No medium is as forgiving, as eraseable, or appropriate for structured learning, as oil paint.

I spent some time working in charcoal to begin with, working from boxes, simple objects, and then the live model, beginning to work in mass and then translating that to paint. Here are a couple of examples of working on landscape en plein air, and a still life and figure done outside of the studio, trying to adhere to certain principles.

[Left figure - attempt from a photo, in acrylics, before my studies into oil paint over summer, compared to a session with the life model afterwards. I could go on, backed up with painting adages to highlight what was/(still is) wrong... but the images speak for themselves.]

The figure secured me a place working on a project at the Tate Modern, a preparation sketch from my photo/memory forest studies:

More posts on this in future. Once you just begin painting, it's so enjoyable, and that is a feeling to remember.

All the best!