Friday, 18 November 2011

A wee WiP

A work in progress that I'm really enjoying.
I was influenced by the style employed by Zhang Lu in his portraiture.
I will take a break to come back with fresh eyes as I'm worried I may start to focus in without being happy with/fully considering the whole.

Some things I [will] need to bear in mind:

  • Focus on the big shapes - the relationships of the major features, masses and shadow shapes.
  • Work on the whole - must not allow one stage/feature to become over developed, drawing it away from the rest of the piece. All elements should advance as one, so this means watching out for areas of too high/low contrast due to neglect or over attention.
  • The piece should have the potential to look 'complete' at any point - currently this is not applicable.
  • Do not be afraid or precious - if it just doesn't look 'right', or is clearly wrong by the reference, fix it. In the words of Lavender Hill - "If in doubt, eliminate."

And of course, with those in mind :] ...

"Conscious effort inhibits and 'jams' the automatic creative mechanism."
-- Maxwell Maltz

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