Sunday, 4 December 2011

Cheer up Old Willie

Artist study kicking my ass... But I'll keep coming back for more.
'Old Willie - the Village Worthy, 1886' by James Guthrie - Oil, copied in Photoshop CS3.

I really appreciate the work of the Glasgow Boys and the Scottish Colourists. It was so disappointing that I missed the RA showing 2010/11, but the library has helped me out here.

Some rules I adhered to:
One brush, one layer, no colour picking, painted without zooming in, set to 'fit screen'.

Stopping as it's time to move on.

Critique for future reference:
  • Start with much larger brushstrokes, achieve that 'painted look' due to marks slowly leading towards refinement - the image is being 'painted, not drawn'.
  • Paint 'thicker'/more opaquely. Once I began to add darker/lighter details and highlights, I found my underpainting was not deep/rich enough in tone to allow for a strong contrast or completely obscure the background tone. This impacted depth and richness in the details, like in the tactile original.
  • Unify and simplify - it shouldn't be a 'struggle' to make a feature emerge - if approached correctly, it should resolve from large-small brushstrokes. Very important to avoid any 'questionable' mark making.

Look forward to more of these.