Sunday, 2 September 2012

Henry Yan hosts a Lavender Hill-load of Awesome

I attended a wonderful four day Henry Yan workshop at Lavender Hill Studios this week.

It had a bit of everything I'd want to hear from a figure drawing instructor - gesture/anatomy/quick poses/sensitivity and importance of line quality/leading the eye/etc.

His technique is beautiful, quick, accurate and full of energy, and demands a lot of practice!
As he said himself:

Draw all the time; draw lots; when you're tired, get some rest, and when you feel ok, draw some more.

I'm uploading my notes from the week in the hope they may be of some interest or assistance to you, as they will be to me.

My scrawled notes and images don't do his technique justice, but I'm hoping to follow this up with more trials and errors.

All the best!

[Mmmmm... newsprint...]
[P.S. I'm sorry for the horrible layout, I gave up; arranging the thumbnails in a Blog post is literally a nightmare; didn't rage-smash any hardware, but having PTSD flashbacks of trying to move pictures in MS Word.]


  1. *o* This is an awesome post man!! I have to go to work now, but I'm gonna read over all those notes at lunch! n.n Those drawings are killer too!
    P.S You gotta learn some HTML my freind! :D Trying to compose with just the blogger thing IS a nightmare :D

  2. Thanks a lot for the feedback man, I hope they yield some useful info.
    After all those notes, of course, it really comes down to mileage. His handling of his materials (charcoal pencils) is so incredibly delicate, it's like he's painting/breathing marks over the page. And in case of any scepticism, in the book, when he says he's done a fully rendered figure in 20 mins... he's not telling porkies.
    What's really interesting about the method is how many artistic decisions he makes in terms of pushing (or not) the lighting, pose, composition, and not copying; all this analysis going in to make it something more than he sees, something beautiful.

    Yeah, my HTML modifying went about as far as mental maths making the thumbnails smaller, then I saw all the >,<,[,{'s; imagined positioning images by code, and flipped my desk.

    Hope all's well at Mac Guff!