Monday, 12 November 2012

Wrestling with Nudes

Studies for personal work. A first attempt from last month:

Been trying to combine a traditional process with a great tutorial by Jon Neimeister:

I think my main issues stemmed form the fact that I used reference material of figures on SCALDING white backgrounds, then tried to mix, and work atop warm, muddy bases. it's not easy getting back the neutrality in the reflected light and my shadows often end up too muddy and don't truly reflect the greens and blues I can see in the reference material.

The recent attempt:

Plus two alternates to show the strength of the base:

I think I can say that for now, the figure drawing is alright, and it is my knowledge of colour, appreciation of tone and value that need the work, understandably. The edges of forms need work - they are currently too harsh, leaving an unrealistic/graphic change in the 'shapes'. Learning learning!


  1. I really like the top one. The pose and the lighting is incredible, but I fully understand what you're saying about the background colour dictating the tonal value of the figure. I think these look great, even when put against the muddy bg. Did you paint them digitally?

  2. Thanks a lot Chij! Yeah, they're entirely Photoshop. The process was similar to the tutorial linked above, which is defo. worth a look.
    Hope to see these studies shining through some personal work soon!