Sunday, 10 February 2013

Some Warmth For The Soul

Recently returned from a Caribbean holiday; wonderful heat, incredible light and colours, and new sights, smells and sounds for the refreshed senses!

I was touring on various islands, taking in the history, culture, the flora & fauna, and grabbing time here and there to knock out a little sketch. Words and photographs can't quite do the atmosphere justice, and I hope to return... those clouds demand to be painted!

Cruise Ship Ventura.

St. Vincent!

Bro on St. Maarten!


Onboard entertainment.


St. Kitts Botanical Gardens Bismark tree!


Sail Away!


Waterfall swimmin'!

Dynamite Groove!

Pre-dinner drink?! This guy's your man!

Le finale soleil :']

Now I just pretend that I can still feel my hands, and that the entire colour spectrum hasn't been reduced to 'every colour, plus brown and/or grey', and I'm good to go!

All the best! :]


  1. What an adventure - great post and sketches.
    (Thank you for your Thank you note! You were one of 3 out of 12 to have told me they received their drawings!)

  2. Thanks man!
    Heh, oh dear. I'm a big fan of snail mail, and an even bigger fan of real drawings :]