Tuesday, 9 April 2013



Photo study for a personal piece. Really enjoyed this and stopped when I felt it served its purpose.
Realised with one painting I really didn't know how to paint a horse, so with proportions/musculature as the main focus (those damnable legs!) I went on to have a lot of fun with it as a colour study as well.

More to come! Based on how much I learnt...

Monday, 8 April 2013

New Materials!

Trying out the digital sketchbook at life drawing. Great fun!

I post these acknowledging that the quality isn't soaring, but I was most interested in the pattern/rate of improvement.
All between 20\30 mins, I spent a (steadily decreasing) portion of each pose wrapping my head around a new tool.
That feeling you have when your brain is trying to compute technical/physical material complications, as opposed to just drawing or trusting your hand? Yeah, that. Just keep pushing.
So, in chronological order,

P.S. Getting to grips with PaintTool SAI on a 700t Ativ Smart PC Pro.